MaryFuel Party Animal

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Party Animal

Enjoy with every sense! 

Volume:  100ml

MaryFuel™ is a unique combination of micro water-soluble cannabinoids extracted and developed by Kannastar® biology laboratory. The extracts derived from EU GAP and organic certified plants of Cannabis Sativa L.. Extracted in ultra-low temperature environment under -60 Celsius degrees. Removed plants dirt, lipids, fats and Chlorophyll by precise molecular distillation after multi-layer filtration. Cannabinoids Standard, Terpenes, VOC Residual Solvents, Heavy Metal,Bacteria Yeast and Mold,E.Coli and Salmonella and Pesticides are tested. Manufactured by Kanna Star Sp. z o. o. based in Poland Europe.

Ingredient list

Terpenese 4mg
Still Water >94%
Soybean Lecithin <1.52%
Polysorbate 20 <0.98%

Full spectrum
Cannabis Sativa L.
Distillate Oil 3.34%

Caution:  This products extracted from cannabis Sativa L., it contains CBD,CBC,CBG,CBDV,THC and other cannabinoids.



Keep it away from children

Not suitable for pregnant and nursing woman

Store in the cold dry place

Manufacture date: Printed on bottle cap

Best before: Printed on bottle cap

Made in Poland

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