99% CBD Isolate Powder (1g)



99% pure CBD crystals
Guaranteed without THC
Solvent Free
Ingestable and vaporizable
Best taste and quality

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What is it ?
How to use it ?
Dosage & Tips

1- What is CBD Isolate Powder ?

There’s a new trend in town: CBD isolates. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabis compound found and extracted from specific hemp strains. After extraction, we refine it to isolate only the CBD.

Kannastar crystallized powder has cannabidiol concentrations of over 99%, extracted from certified hemp through partnerships with farms throughout Europe.

Contrary to THC, CBD does not cause a psychotropic “high” or hallucinogenic effects. Instead, the compound is more used to release stress and pressure, to calm down. CBD crystal is as well a great solution for pain relief, headaches, arthritis, cramps and many more.

2- How to use it ?

Our crystals are much more versatile than oil and so you can use it in various forms.
As with hemp oil, you can add CBD crystal into your food, dissolve it in your drinks or swallow them directly.

You can also “dab” the crystals like cannabis concentrates (a manual vaporization method) mix them with your E-liquid, or sprinkle it over a cigarette or joint.

3- Dosage & Tips

Recommended dosage:

10-15mg, 2-3 times a day


Store away from sunlight, heat, humidity and refrigerate

More About us:

We found in 2009 for cannabis industry. For better hemp material and extracts, we moved to Europe 2016. We are the licensed manufacturer of Industry-cannabis products in Poland.
In 2017, we set up extraction and production line. Our organic hemp sources and all of our products are extracting, producing and shipping from Europe.

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