CBD WAX Crumble 94% Full Spectrum 1g



CBD 85%
THC <0.2%
Total Cannabinoids 94%
Made of EU certified quality hemp
Rich of terpenes flavours

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What is it ?
How to use it ?
Dosage & Tips

1- What is CBD Wax Crumble ?

Kannastar CBD wax crumble is composed of a full spectrum of CBD, terpenes as well as healthy fatty acids. Open it, smell it and enjoy the incredible aroma of terpenes.

CBD is one of the primary components of cannabis. It does not have any psychoactive effects. As a result you won’t feel any high !

The CBD wax crumble is extracted from industrial hemp and expertly purged to create a wax crumble that is free from additives and without THC.

CBD wax crumble is a hemp extract with powerful properties. Indeed, CBD has the the potential to release stress, pains, help against insomnia, and may more.

2- How to use it ?

CBD Wax crumble can be used every day.

The fastest way to feel the effects of the wax crumble is to dab it. By this way, CBD wax crumble effects can be active really fast, sometime in only few seconds.

Of course, CBD wax crumble is edible as well. You can chew it or just keep it in your mouth. You can also just add your wax crumble into your tobacco mixture to create a very flavourful smoking experience.

3- Dosage & Tips

Recommended dosage:

We recommend its use as a dietary supplement. Please do not exceed 1/2 a gram per day.


For storage, please store your CBD crumble the away from sunlight. As well, keep it in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area.

More About us:

We found in 2009 for cannabis industry. For better hemp material and extracts, we moved to Europe 2016. We are the licensed manufacturer of Industry-cannabis products in Poland.
In 2017, we set up extraction and production line. Our organic hemp sources and all of our products are extracting, producing and shipping from Europe.

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